Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Search for Mail Boxes Etc.

Today's mission was to get Linda's water bottle carrier (like it? You can get one like it at my shop) shipped off to England.  Linda is one of the leaders of the Collaborators in Cahoots team I belong to on Etsy, who makes lovely greeting cards and other interesting art items.  You can check out her card shop here and her art shop here.

According to Google Maps, I had the choice of walking to the post office downtown, or 2.2 miles to the Mail Boxes, Etc. in a part of town I had not visited yet.  I chose to visit the unvisited.

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First, the directions had me go uphill, only to then go downhill, over dirt and gravel roads and that was just the first part.  Upon arriving (probably 45 minutes later) at the street, I realized I hadn't written down the address or phone number of the shop, and it was nowhere to be found.

I walked up the street and started asking.  First, a guy who worked at the sporting goods shop who was setting up a camp tent display outdoors on the grass:  "I just moved back here after being away for three years, but I think it used to be across the street by that blue roof over there..."

Next, a girl pushing carts at the Safeway (yup, that's inside the Safeway--you know you're on the road to Mt. Bachelor when there's a ski lift inside the grocery store): "Sorry, I just moved here a month ago.  Let's go inside and ask the manager."

The manager: "Nope, never heard of a Mail Boxes, Etc. around here."

Finally, having resigned myself to the fact that my quest for postal services would have to be put off until tomorrow when I am back downtown for my yoga class, I decided to stop in at Baldy's BBQ for lunch (having read online that they have the best ribs in town), even though it was only 11:20.

Lunch was goood, but even better was the fact that the waitress knew where the Mail Boxes, Etc. was!

After my yummy lunch of ribs, garlic mashers, and coleslaw, I was ready to reembark on my original mission.  I followed the waitress's directions, and sure enough, there it was, hiding behind the U.S. Bank being newly constructed in front of it, the Mail Boxes, Etc.

The very friendly staff got my package marked for customs and posted for me.  Mission accomplished!


  1. Pretty layout you have! :) That plate of food looks oh-so-yummy and I cracked up at the ski chair photo! :)



  2. Thanks, Jen. I enjoy the relaxing colors. I love how everyday on vacation is an adventure, even when doing regular mundane activities like finding a post office. Wish I had time to look at life this way when I wasn't on vacation. :)